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Sandwich Catering with Jimmy John's

Order your favorite Jimmy John's sandwiches to cater your next business or special event! Made to order on our fresh-baked bread, using hand-sliced meats and crisp veggies. We'll feed as few or as many as ya need!

Catering Bundles, Party Boxes, Wraps Boxes, and Box Lunches are totally customizable. Choose your crew's favorite sandwiches and wraps, or try something new! And most importantly, don't forget to grab plenty of sides, desserts, and drinks. Give your local Jimmy John's a call to discuss catering options, or order online now!​

Homestyle Potato Salad

220 cal

Pesto Bowtie Pasta Salad

390 cal

Jimmy Chips®

260-300 cal/bag


350-410 cal

Pickle Bucket

5 cal/spear


0-440 cal

Click "Start Order" to begin building your order.

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How much advance notice is needed to order catering?

We specialize in last-minute catering, but 24 hours in advance is always appreciated! For same-day catering, give your local Jimmy John's a call!

How many people do catering bundles feed? 

The Small Catering Bundle feeds up to 10, and the Large Catering Bundle feeds up to 20.

How many people do Party Boxes feed?

An 18-piece Party Box feeds approximately 9, a 30-piece Party Box feeds 15.

Can I customize my Party Boxes?

Yes! 30 and 18 piece Party Boxes allow you to pick from any of our 8" Favorite or Original sandwiches on French bread or as an Unwich®, or ask us for a variety pack and we'll give you a mix. Our 12 Pack Party Box is available with wraps or sandwiches. Pick your favorites or we can give you a variety!

Can I request for the sandwich pieces in the 18 and 30 party packs to be individually wrapped?

Yes! Notify your local Jimmy John's team when placing your order.

Can I get Unwiches catered?

Yes! Our Unwich® is available for 30 and 18 Party Boxes and Box Lunches!​

What are the catering side options?

Order any of your favorite Jimmy Chips®, premium sides, desserts or a bucket of our Jumbo Kosher Jimmy Pickles and don't forget individual sides of Kickin' Ranch® or Avocado Guac Spread!

Does Jimmy John's deliver and set up catering?

Yes! We're always happy to deliver* your catering right to your party or office event! Let your local Jimmy John's team know if you'd like catering set up for you when they arrive.

Is there a minimum order for Box Lunches?

No, we'll feed as few or as many as ya need!

*Delivery subject to availability; fees may apply.