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Online Ordering

  • How do I order?v

    Select Delivery or Pickup

    If you select the delivery option, you will be prompted to enter the delivery address. We need this information at the start of the order so that we can determine that we deliver to you. If you choose to pick up your order, you will then be prompted to select your location.

    Order Your Items

    Select the menu type (JJ's Menu or Catering) by clicking on the menu tabs. To view the information about the individual items, click on a menu category such as "Plain Slims" and then click on the specific menu item. This will show the item and allow you to modify as required.

    If you would like to add the item to your order, click "Add to Order"

    1. If you would not like to order this item, click "Back To Menu".

    2. To update the quantities, click "Add to Order" and change the quantity as required on the basket page.

    3. To delete an item, change the quantity to zero or click the X next to the item.

    4. To cancel your order, click on "Cancel" or "Start Over" in the navigation menu.

    Schedule Your Order

    Following your selection of items and adding them to your order, you will be asked to schedule your order. Select the time from the drop down list box, and then select the date. If no date or timeslots are shown in the drop down box, then no online orders can be processed for your selected day.

    Check Out

    The "Checkout" buttons will be displayed when you have met our minimum order criteria. When you are ready to checkout, click the "Checkout" or "Checkout as Guest" button. If you need to add additional items, you can go back to the order, or add an item by clicking the "Add more food" button.

    Log In & Checkout

    If you have not already logged in, a screen will be displayed so that you can log in or register at this time.

    Checkout as Guest

    If you do not wish to create an account you may checkout as a guest. On this screen you will be asked to enter your contact and payment information. When using the guest feature, the only forms of payment accepted are credit card or gift card.

    Order Payment

    Select your method of payment from the drop down list, and click "Review Order". If using credit card or gift card as the form of payment, you will have the ability to pre-tip your order.

    Review & Place Your Order

    Click "Place Order" to submit order.

  • Is there a delivery fee?v

    Delivery fees vary depending on the store. Delivery fees are not gratuities and are not shared with drivers.

  • Is there a minimum order value?v

    Yes. The minimum order value is listed on the "Order Summary" page under the checkout buttons and may vary according to location.

  • Why is there no "Checkout" button?v

    The "Checkout" button will appear once your order has reached the minimum order value or you have at least 1 item in your order.

  • Is my information secure?v

    Yes! All your details, including your credit card details, are encrypted using industry-strength security and transmitted over a secure link to our servers.

  • Will I be able to pay in cash for my order?v

    Yes, but you gotta be logged in when ordering online or on the app.

  • Your website shows pictures of sandwiches on different types of bread. What bread options are available?v

    At Jimmy John's, any sandwich is available on French Bread (our default bread type), Sliced 9-Grain Wheat Bread, or as an Unwich® Lettuce Wrap. Select your preferred bread type in the "Choose Your Bread" dropdown menu when ordering online, or tell your cashier when ordering in-shop or by phone.

  • Why do I need to enter my address before I place an order?v

    We use your address to determine which stores are closest to you, and which store may deliver to you.

  • How do I see menu prices? v

    Prices vary by location. Visit and enter your address in the Online Ordering bar at the top of the page, then select "Delivery" or "Pick Up" to select a store and view its menu with pricing.

  • Group Orderingv

    What is a Group Order?

    The Group Order tool allows one person to collect individual orders for a group of people and submit them as one order. The Group Order administrator (person placing the order) keys the email addresses for everyone in their group and the system sends emails to each person with a link to place their order. The system will collect all orders placed through the link on the same ticket. The administrator then reviews the order and submits it to the store.

    How large of a group do I need to place a Group Order?

    2 or more people.

    Do I need an account to create a Group Order?

    Yes, if you are the Group Order administrator. No, if you are in the group but not the group's administrator.

    How do I place a Group Order?

    1. GET STARTED - Login to your account. On the Online Ordering home screen, check the box labeled "Make this a group order." Choose Delivery and enter your delivery address or Pick Up and select the store you want to order from. The system will take you to the "START A GROUP ORDER" page.

    2. SCHEDULE YOUR ORDER - Select the date and time for your order and who will pay.

    3. ADD INVITEES - Key email addresses for the group into the open field and click "ADD INVITEES." These email addresses will appear in the "YOUR INVITEES" field. The box next to each email address must also be checked for that person to receive their invitation.

    4. ADD A MESSAGE - To send a note with your Group Order invitation, type your message in the "COMMENTS OR INSTRUCTIONS" field.

    5. CHECK STATUS - You will receive an email confirming that your Group Order has been started. Use the link in the email to access your order and check the status. You can also "Add more food" to manually enter additional items or orders.

    6. COMPLETE & SUBMIT YOUR ORDER - Click "REVIEW ORDER" or "CHECKOUT" to close your Group Order. Review the final summary screen with your order details and click "PLACE GROUP ORDER" at the bottom of the review screen to submit your order to the store.

    What are the options for payment on a Group Order?

    There are 2 options for paying for a Group Order:

    1. "I'm feeling big; I've got the bill." Group Order administrator pays but may set a price limit per person.

    2. "Everybody is going Dutch." Each person pays individually with their preferred payment method - cash, credit card, or gift card.

    How much time in advance do I need to place a Group Order?

    You can place an order for "as soon as possible," or you can schedule an order for up to 30 days in advance.

    I lost my group order manager email and can't access the order, how can I check the status?

    Log in to your account. Check your Group Order status in order history:

    1. ORDER HISTORY - click ORDER HISTORY link at the top of the screen.

    2. Group Orders in progress will show at the top of your Order History.

    I clicked "SEND INVITATIONS" and then realized I left someone out. Can I still add them to my Group Order?

    Yes! You have two options.

    1. Forward the Group Order invitation email to the person. They can use the same Group Order link to add their order. We recommend they type their name in the "WHO WANTS IT" field in the sandwich selection to mark the order as their own.

    2. As the Group Order administrator, you can manually enter their order into the system before clicking on "YES" on the "Do you want to complete this Group Order now?" banner.

    I clicked "YES" on the "Do you want to complete this Group Order now?" banner and then realized I need to add someone. Can I still add them to the Group Order?

    Yes! You can click "Cancel" from the Review & Place Order page to unlock the group order. The group order will then be reopened for additional contributions.

  • How do I check the balance of my Jimmy John's gift card? v

    Check Gift Card Balance

  • Where can I buy gift cards? v

    You may purchase JJ's gift cards at your local Jimmy John's store or online. Purchase Gift Cards

  • Terms & Conditionsv

    Please click here here to view our Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy Policy v

    Please click here to view our Privacy Policy

  • How can I cancel my online order? v

    Call the store directly to cancel an order submitted online or with the Jimmy John's app. The store's phone number is listed in your order confirmation email.

  • I received charges on my account, but my order did not go through. What do I do? v

    The charge on your card is likely a preauthorization or pending charge. Unless you receive a confirmation email, you will not be charged for an attempted order.

  • Where is My Fave order and Repeat Order? v

    We're working to create a better online experience at JJ's, so we launched some behind the scenes tech changes to our website and app on September 29th. Some features like My Faves and Repeat Order were reset. Create new versions and get ready to order with ease.


  • How do I become a Freaky Fast Rewards® member? v

    Freaky Fast Rewards® requires a Jimmy John's Online Ordering account. Log in to add Freaky Fast Rewards® to your account or create an account and join here!

  • How does Freaky Fast Rewards® work? v

    The more orders you place, the more rewards you earn! Each order placed using your Freaky Fast Rewards® account helps you earn surprise rewards. Check out the fine print here for more details.

  • How do I earn a FREE Sandwich? v

    Earn a free sandwich after placing your first order using Freaky Fast Rewards®! That includes any Favorite, Original, or Plain Slim® for free! Sorry meat freaks, the 16" Giant, J.J. Gargantuan® and any additional add-ons are not included.

  • What are Achievement Badges? v

    Achievement Badges are the newest Freaky Fast Rewards® perk. They finally unlock all the praise you deserve for your hard sandwich eating work and give you bragging rights. How it works is simple = complete an action, collect a badge and add it to your stash. You MAY even earn a reward in addition.

  • Where do I find Achievement Badges? v

    Achievement Badges are an in app exclusive to Freaky Fast Rewards® members. Download the app, visit the rewards tab, and start collecting!

  • Why do you want to know my birthday? v

    We wanna party with you! Frequent Freakers may earn a surprise reward on their birthday!

  • How do I make sure my order earns rewards once I sign up? v

    As a rewards member, orders placed on the Jimmy John's app, online, over the phone, and in-store can all be used to earn rewards. Make sure you're logged into your Jimmy John's account when ordering online or in the app. When ordering over the phone or in-store, provide the phone number associated with your account or tap your Freaky Fast Rewards® Pass in store! Sorry, purchases of JJ's gift cards don't earn Rewards.

  • Where can I view my rewards? v

    To view available rewards, log into your Jimmy John's account online or in the Jimmy John's app. If you're visiting a Jimmy John's restaurant, check 'em out in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet if you have the Freaky Fast Reward® Pass. You can also ask the Register Rockstar if you have any available rewards.

  • How do I redeem my Reward? v

    You can redeem at all participating locations when you order in-store, over the phone, on the app, and online. Redeem a reward when ordering online or in the Jimmy John's app by clicking "Redeem" on the item at checkout, or from the Rewards tab. Redeem a reward when ordering over the phone or inside the restaurant by providing the phone number associated with your Freaky Fast Rewards® account, or by tapping your Freaky Fast Rewards® Pass.

  • Do Rewards expire? v

    Yes, each reward has an expiration date. Log in to your Jimmy John's account online or use the Jimmy John's app to view available rewards and see when your rewards expire.

  • Can I tap to pay and use my Freaky Fast Rewards® pass at the same time? v

    Frequent Freakers rejoice, One Tap is here! You can use Apple Pay® or Google Pay® along with the Freaky Fast Rewards® Pass in your digital wallet to redeem in one single Tap and earn rewards.

  • Do Group Orders qualify for rewards? v

    You cannot redeem or earn rewards when placing Group Orders.

  • Can I transfer my rewards to others? v

    Sorry, your rewards can't be transferred or sold to someone else




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